Fresh, never frozen, already made meals delivered to your door — that's what a Webster chef is doing with his Savage Chef business. 

Leave the meal prepping to Caleb Hoag. He opened Savage Chef three years ago. His meal prep kitchen is located at the corner of South Avenue and East Main Street in Webster. 

Hoag makes 700 to 900 meals a week for delivery or pickup. 

“We are all about keeping our meals as fresh as possible. We like to use lighter, healthier ingredients without sacrificing any taste,” said Hoag.

The menu includes paleo, keto, gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian options. Most dishes have about 30 grams of protein and have less than 400 calories. The average meal costs $7. You can buy individual meals or sign up for a meal plan.

Hoag lost 120 pounds. He says he keeps the protein up and calories down.

"The key to that is I have been able to sustain that weight loss. I am coming on eight years now where I have lost this weight and the biggest thing is a lot of time people will lose a bunch of weight but they'll gain it right back," Hoag said.

Savage Chef delivers within a 20-mile radius of Webster. You can also pick up pre-ordered meals at the Savage Chef kitchen located at 5 Main Street in Webster.