Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus says over the weekend, two more buses of migrants arrived at The Crossroads Hotel in Newburgh, with the nearby Ramada Inn on standby to receive more folks.

Neuhaus estimates the number of migrants that have arrived in the county to be around 130. That's almost double the number they had been told to expect to receive last week.

He says the New York City mayor’s office has still been unable to answer many of their questions.

“We've still gotten very little information," the Orange County Republican said. "Even people from within the city mayor's office that we sit on the board with in the County Executive Association. He had no information himself."

What You Need To Know

  • Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus says about 130 migrants have been bused into the county from New York City

  • Orange County filed lawsuits against the hotels hosting the migrants and NYC in an attempt to remove the migrants

  • The NYCLU has sued Orange and Rockland counties, saying migrants' rights were violated when the counties issued emergency declarations

In response to the city busing migrants upstate, Orange County filed two lawsuits, one against the hotels housing the migrants for allegedly violating the county’s state of emergency order, and one against New York City for setting up, what the county claims, is a homeless shelter outside of the city’s jurisdiction.

Orange County also filed temporary restraining orders against the city and hotels in an attempt to prevent more migrants from arriving.

“A series of lies and untruths from the city of New York to us that has really made everybody concerned, regardless of what party they are," Neuhaus said.

A spokesperson for New York City Mayor Eric Adams previously released a statement that said, in part, “Right now, we’re asking Orange County to manage less than one-fourth of 1% of the asylum seekers who have come to New York City, with New York paying for shelter, food, and services. We are reviewing our legal options.”

The New York Civil Liberties Union also filed a lawsuit against Orange and Rockland counties, saying the counties violated the migrants' rights by attempting to bar hotels from receiving them.

Orange County Attorney Rick Golden said he expects a state Supreme Court judge to make a ruling on the suits soon.

Neuhaus said the city must have more communication on the process going forward.

“Literally no transparency," he said. "If we knew at least some heads up of what's going on, and I will tell you, I've talked to the governor about this and the other county executives. They're very concerned about what could happen out of this.”