John Camera joined the Spectrum News 1 team in 2018 as a news assistant before becoming a multimedia journalist in 2021. Having went to high school in Sullivan County and college in Ulster County, he’s grateful to be telling stories that matter right in his backyard. 

As a junior at SUNY New Paltz, John declared journalism as his major and fell in love with the field immediately. He enjoys connecting with his community and speaking about what’s important to them. Some of John’s favorite work comes when covering stories about social justice, food justice or LGBTQ+ issues. 

When he’s not trying to find a story, you can most likely find him shopping in Woodbury, eating in New Paltz, or going to the movies in Middletown. John also enjoys watching his beloved sports teams (the New York Giants, Miami Hurricanes and Los Angeles Lakers) and collecting sneakers (Jordan 8s and 12s) are his favorite silhouettes. 

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