Reception halls, wedding officiants, flower arrangements, and more have been put on hold these past few months, but for some, getting married on the day they picked carries a lot of weight.

What You Need To Know

  • Wedding DJ Brian Stylez, is helping couples mark their wedding day with their first dance.
  • Hundreds of couples have had to cancel or postpone their weddings because of the pandemic.

  • Vendors are helping brides and grooms with smaller ceremonies.

“Some people choose these dates for certain reasons, whether they're sentimental reasons, maybe it was the day they got engaged, for whatever reason,” said Stylez Entertainment owner Brian Stylez. “Even if it's not, the date wasn't sentimental; it's still the date you chose, and that was the date you planned on having a meeting in the future.”

So, vendors like DJ Stylez have been helping to make sure that these special days do not go by unrecognized. He has been going around to the homes of his clients to help them at least have their first dance. He said it’s the one thing that he can do to help them create a positive memory during the pandemic.

“We care a lot about our clients," Stylez said. "We understand that weddings are one of the most magical days in people's lives, and the fact that they have to cancel or postpone, it's just heartbreaking."

The gesture by the wedding DJ was so appreciated and loved by couples that one of them chose to go ahead with the ceremony, but on a much smaller scale.

“Just him offering to play our song for us, that’s like, 'you know what Al? I think this is a sign. I think we should just do it,' ” said Desiree Derauleau, who is a bride-to-be. “Even if it's just our parents and our siblings, that's fine. And our kids, like, we'll just do it.”

The couple plans on holding a larger ceremony at a later date but didn’t want to wait to get married. So on Saturday, they will exchange their vows surrounded, at a social distance, by family and friends all wearing masks.

“When you get married like that, that glitz and glam isn't who you really are, unless that is the lifestyle you live. It's definitely not my lifestyle, anyway," said groom Albert Websdell. "To be able to still get married to Desiree, that's what it's about."

After the ceremony, DJ Stylez will arrive to play the couple's song, "Love" by Kendrick Lamar, for their first dance as man and wife, truly showing that love conquers the COVID-19 pandemic.