The Newburgh Armory Unity Center is offering the community free and healthy food to help out during the pandemic. Bill Kaplan is the chairman of the Unity Center and said they're doing it to serve the community.

Each Wednesday, volunteers come out in numbers to pack large boxes filled with food, including meat, eggs, potatoes and onions.


"The Food Bank of the Hudson Valley provides the food for us and they've been fantastic," said Jim McGee, chief operating officer of the center. The boxes were also donated. "One of the biggest problems was how to get it packaged and out the door Pratt Industries in New Windsor has been great and donated all these.”

Max Cuacuas is director of operations there and is praising the center's volunteers.

"We definitely need to be as efficient as possible, and most of all you need people who want to help their community. It's not just the packing, it's caring about making sure that the food is fresh, that the food is good for the families to eat," Cuacuas said.

This pandemic, he says, is displaying the strength in togetherness.

"What this has done is...showing us that when a community pulls together, they can make things happen...even if it's just 10 bags of bread, the community has rallied together to help this effort. And it's because our community needs it right now."

If you are in need, the Newburgh center will continue its drive-thru food pantry in its parking lot on South William St. every Wednesday at 4:00pm.