A winner has been announced in the race for Ulster County District Attorney. 

According to the Ulster County Election Commission, Democrat Dave Clegg has been declared the winner in the race for Ulster County DA by just 77 votes, pending appeal or a hand count. The race was too close to call since the day after election day when Republican candidate Mike Kavanagh was in the lead by just three votes.

After several days of court proceedings between legal representatives of each candidate's team, a judge decided whether or not to count 282 contested ballots. Both parties decided to count 203 of those ballots. Those proceedings concluded Wednesday with Democrat Dave Clegg receiving 26,331 votes and Republican Candidate Mike Kavanagh receiving 26,254 votes in total. 

We're expected to hear from Clegg later on Wednesday night. He tells Spectrum News he will not declare victory at this time. We also reached out to Kavanagh for comment on this outcome.