The count of absentee ballots in the Ulster County district attorney's race was completed Tuesday. But even after weeks of waiting by the community, there is still no declared winner.

Democrat David Clegg says he is confident but told Spectrum News there will be action in the courts over disputed ballots. That court date is set for Tuesday.

Back on Election Day the results in this race showed the candidates were divided by just three votes.

Michael Kavanagh was on top then, but the count shifted toward Clegg as the absentee and affidavit ballots were counted up. Clegg says he's been told he is ahead but is not yet ready to claim victory.

"I don't feel that yet, I feel like it's favorable I feel like I expect that we will win but it's not definite yet," said Clegg. "I understand that I am ahead by 50 votes right now, there are something in the area of 250 votes that have been contested, objections have been made to affidavits and ballots."

That court date next week is where a judge will decide if those contested ballots can be counted for either candidate.