The Beacon City Council has passed a resolution against the $1 million proposal to rebuild the outdated Danskammer power plant.

Protestors lined up outside city hall Monday night, urging council members to pass the measure.

The controversy over the plant begins with the company's plan to use fracked gas, and that has residents concerned about the environmental and health effects.

However, company officials say it would help the region both economically and environmentally.

Last week, Danskammer officials asked the council to hold off on its resolution until the proposal was reviewed by the state.

One protester said he hopes this is one step closer to having their voices heard on a statewide level.

"We're here to say 'Gov. Cuomo, it's time we stopped building new fossil fuel infrastructure,” said Andrew Pezzullo, organizer of Food & Water Watch. “It's time we transitioned New York to renewables, and we can do it right here in the Hudson Valley. We don't need the Danskammer, we never needed it.’”

In its resolution, the city council urges the governor to instead help provide other economic development resources for the Hudson Valley — ones they say create jobs with greener power generation.