As April is National Foot Health Awareness Month, ensuring that our feet are healthy can be vital for our overall well-being. 

Justine Schuyler is happy to return to an active lifestyle after suffering from constant foot pain for many years.

“I have pain from the protruding bunion," Schuyler said. "I finally felt like it needed to be corrected since I am very active and could not continue doing it.”

Due to the unbearable pain in her left foot, Schuyler had to stop doing the things she loved. This included hiking, playing tennis and chasing her dog, Hank. 

“I wasn't sleeping well,” she said. “It was very painful being on my feet all the time. So that's when I decided to have it redone.” 

After spending years visiting various doctors and trying other solutions to end the discomfort, Justine discovered Dr. Brad Schaffer of Central Park Sole last October. She also learned about a procedure to correct her problem, Lapiplasty 3D surgery.

“We're taking the whole construct of the bunion and shifting it over at the base and holding it in place down here in a three-dimensional plane,” Schaffer said. “So you're also rotating the bone out of line and realigning it properly the way God always intended it to be.” 

Even though Justine is in her 50s, this has been an ongoing problem for years. Bunions and foot pain are common among young people. They tend to deal with the pain and ignore the issue. 

"My whole philosophy is to get it taken care of at an early age so you do not have to live with that unsightly bump or bunion for the rest of your life,” Schaffer said.

Schuyler’s treatments allow her to do what she loves like travel to cheer on her son playing lacrosse. 

“If you really take care of your feet and pamper them, you'll be happy and more active,” she said. “It's just so much better and I'm happy I did it.”

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