New York state is setting aside $75 million for State University of New York students that is meant to bolster their chances of completing their degree, Gov. Kathy Hochul on Thursday said. 

The money, part of a fund agreed to in the state budget last month, is meant to help students earn a college degree or credential through student services, housing and food insecurity. 

"Quality public higher education is an engine of social mobility that has the power to change lives, like it did for my own family," Hochul said. "My administration is committed to creating the best public education institution in the country so that more students can build a bright future for themselves and be equipped to take on the jobs of the future."

All campuses in the SUNY system will receive the funding, which comes as New York officials are trying to find ways of increasing enrollment in the public college and university system. Chancellor John King in May outlined plans meant to increase students, including automatic enrollment in community colleges, mental health services programs as well as internship and job placement programs.

Hochul and lawmakers also agreed to increase operating aid to SUNY by $178 million, reaching more than $1.3 billion in budget. The additional funding help avoid a tuition increase for in-state students. 

"Through the Transformation Fund, SUNY and our 64 campuses will fund evidence-based strategies that prepare more students for careers in high-demand jobs and that overcome obstacles preventing students from completing their education in a timely manner," King said.