Gov. Kathy Hochul is being urged to sign 10 measures meant to protect the environment, including water in schools and curtailing spills on public roadways, in New York as the year draws to a close.

The advocacy group Environmental Advocates NY on Wednesday released the year-end list of bills that remain under consideration that also include efforts to address climate change through promoting electric vehicles and reducing the prevalence of single-use plastic bottles. 

The group is backing measures that include banning the use of pesticides on playgrounds, turf and playing fields at children's overnight camps. Another bill is meant to improve pesticide reporting in the state. 

Hochul is also due to consider a measure that would strengthen inspections of motorized boats and other watercraft for aquatic invasive species. 

A bill meant to ban the spread of liquid oil and gas waste on roadways is also under consideration as is banning the use of chemical fire retardants in some consumer goods. Single-use plastic bottles would be banned in hotels in one bill being sent to the governor's desk.

There are also lead testing requirements that would be strengthened in school drinking water and the creation of an emergent contaminant testing list in order to ensure testing of drinking water by utilities in another two pieces of legislation. 

And the group is seeking the final approval of measures to build out New York's electric vehicle charging infrastructure and a bill meant to promote soil health and research practices. 

“The countdown has begun — 24 days left in the year, 10 pieces of legislation that will protect New Yorker’s health and environment," said Kate Kurera, deputy director of Environmental Advocates NY. "We urge the governor to sign these commonsense bills as soon as they hit her desk."