The city of Oswego will file a lawsuit Monday against the Port Authority. It's the latest step in the battle over the controversial construction of an 180 foot grain silo being built on the waterfront.

Critics say it blocks the view of Oswego's iconic lighthouse. Mayor Billy Barlow called the project a, "man-made catastrophe" while also claiming that it's oversized and poorly located. 

CSEA union leaders support the $15 million dollar project, saying it will support agriculture as well as state and local jobs.

The union responded to the city's complaints in a statement Monday, saying in part, "The grain facility is the next step in making the Port a more productive business that will benefit the community, the region, New York farmers, and the State as a whole. The $15 million project, announced by Governor Andrew Cuomo in 2019, has been regarded as the largest agricultural investment in the Central New York region."

Just last week, construction was paused while the Port Authority began to review different options, but according to a release from Mayor Barlow Monday, that construction has seemingly continued despite the arranged pause.

"A decision by the Port was due by the end of last week but has yet to be announced and construction on site never really stopped," reads the Mayor's statement in part.

Barlow added, "I am hardly surprised that after a very brief pause, if any, the Oswego Port Authority has managed to develop no new ideas, no solutions and has determined there is no alternative to the massive structure currently under construction. The Port Authority’s lack of creativity and transparency, coupled with an inability to adapt to the concerns raised by their neighbors is disappointing. I question the Port's sincerity in taking an honest look at alternative designs and options.”