Local doulas and midwives say they’ve seen an increase in families requesting home births during the COVID-19 pandemic. Lacy Martin has had three home births, including her twins. She says like many medical plans, they're personal.

"There’s no one size fits all for birth. Look at all your options and look at them thoroughly," said Martin.

Pregnant Individuals are among the population with suppressed immune systems—Making it easier for them to contract the virus. Medical professionals say COVID-19 fears are partially responsible for the increase in home births.

"Restrictions have been put on how many people can visit the baby, what the mother can do, how they’re not allowed to make decisions in the hospital," said Martin.

"And also the risk of contracting something going to the hospital where there are people in and out," said doula and nurse, Heather Fulton-House.

Homebirth parents and medical professionals say if you’re thinking of having a home birth consider your distance from a hospital, just in case you need another level of care, your level of risk, and what's most comfortable for you and your family.

"You need to make sure it’s good for you as an individual as well as your family that’s going to be there," said Fulton-House.

Medical Workers say Home births with midwives are available to low-risk or non-high risk individuals.