Monica Manney has been with Spectrum Networks since September 2019.

Manney has been dedicated to serving her community through salient and thorough reporting. She received the Tim Russert Media Career Award from the Buffalo Broadcasters Association in 2019.

Manney has dedicated her life to amplify the voices of marginalized groups, to bring truth to her community through avid research and persistent questioning, while always shining a light on the positive works of citizens in the community.

The most moving story Manney ever reported on was a piece called Hair Love, which interviewed Black girls and women on their response to the short animated film called Hair Love and discussed their relationship to their natural hair. Talking to Black girls and women about their relationship to hair and the discrimination validated the need for Braids on Air.

Manney’s favorite part of New York is the friendliness of the people because it reminds her of home, the city of good neighbors.