Mike Cimino is hard at work in the basement of his home.

After Fayetteville Free Library closed, the STEAM and Making Director is tackling a new task.

"We had heard that a local company called CADimensions, who has been a generous donor for the library and FAD labs, specifically, they were working on printing a bunch of these for a Buffalo VA hospital," said Cimino.

Cimino brought almost 50 3-D printed devices to support CADimensions. After putting out a notice for help online, the partnership came together quickly.

"Complete power of social media. So we saw a local article on a company called Budman Industries that was providing files for masks. We saw this was an opportunity for us to help, because we have a lot of 3-D printers in house," said Andy Dilaura, VP of Sales and Marketing.

The 3-D printers are creating components of face masks that will go to help medical officials in Buffalo.

"They saw on the news that 3-D printing was going to be used to help produce some masks and face shields. She reached out and said 'we're in dire need; is there anything you can do to help?' So we looked at it and said 'yeah, we can do this,' " Dilaura said.

So far, 100 face masks have been made for the VA hospital.

"It really I think speaks a lot about humanity in general and the sense of community, specifically in upstate New York. We've had a lot of people reaching out saying 'hey, what do you need, how can I help, what can I do,' " said Dilaura.

Cimino said he will keep printing as long as there's a need.

"It's great to see an innovation and a real practical, needed use of 3-D printing come right from Central New York," said Cimino.

CADimensions plans on working with Onondaga County and others in need to supply more masks.