The updated use of force policy in the Syracuse Police Department is now in effect.

The change follows the release of a video of an arrest that made rounds on social media and rallied many to call for the change.

The video that surfaced to the public and shows officers forcing Shaolin Moore, 23, out of his vehicle during the stop and then taking him to the ground. Officers stopped the vehicle for allegedly playing music which could be heard in excess of 50 feet, which violates local city law. The video was shared on social media shortly afterward.

In the police report, the officer said that Moore failed to comply when he was asked to step out of the vehicle.

The officer also thought that Moore was reaching toward his waistband for a possible weapon.

The new policy clarifies what counts as reasonable force, along with consequences that officers could face if they violate the rules.

People had a chance to speak with Mayor Ben Walsh and Police Chief Kenton Buckner about the policy at a forum last week, with many saying more needs to be done.

"We understand that policing is a very difficult job. But we put a lot of trust in officers,” said Yusuf Abdul-Qadir. “We put a lot of faith in them and give them a lot of authority. And that authority has to be used wisely."

Another meeting will be held for neighbors to voice their concerns on July 25 at the Southside Innovation Center.