A new 40 foot mural is on display to ring in this year's Boilermaker.

The mural located on the Boilermaker building on Court Street. It highlights youth, elite athletes, wheelchair racers, and the flyover.

It's another addition to some cosmetic upgrades including a new finish line sign and mile markers.




Race Director Jim Stasaitis has been with the Boilermaker for more than 30 years, and he said there's a new energy this year.

"I think we're changing everything for the better. We're not taking things away. We're adding things, trying to tweak them here and there. It's still a 9.3 mile race. It's still the same course, great party, but we're adding a little bit more, refining it, polishing it up a little bit," said Stasaitis.

You can see the Boilermaker Road Race on Sunday, July 14 on Spectrum News. Race coverage begins at 7:30 a.m.