Born and raised in Central New York, Melissa Krull is an Adirondacks native. Growing up in Herkimer County, Melissa fondly remembers her time spent at the Ohio Methodist Church in the town of Ohio. Built in the 1800’s, this church is just one of the many landmarks unique to the area’s rich history. Melissa’s deep interest in the history of Central New York comes from a desire to learn more about the people who inhabited the area for centuries past, including her own family, whose past and present military involvement brings Melissa a great sense of pride. Aside from her fascination with the stories of those who built Central New York, Melissa has a sincere appreciation for the generous community residing there now, as well as the gorgeous scenery.

Melissa joined the Spectrum News 1 Team in July 2015 as a video journalist in the Mohawk Valley newsroom. She is a graduate of Herkimer County Community College, and devoted much of her time there to the “HCTV News” broadcasts. Melissa’s college career notably ended with her name on two awards from the New York State Associated Press. Today, Melissa is inspired by the local community, a population she describes as generous and hardworking. She finds great motivation in the stories she covers. Melissa has found that for every sad story, there is a cheerful one as well.

When Melissa isn’t exploring the area’s local historic landmarks, you can find her participating in one of her many other hobbies. Melissa enjoys volunteering at her local church in addition to horseback riding and spending time with her family’s many animals (horses, cats and a dog!). Melissa likes to read, draw and check out the area’s local events and shops.

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