A community is grieving over the loss of two men who drowned Wednesday night.

Responders were called to Graves Road in Stockbridge after 8:30 p.m. for a missing person call. Madison County Sheriff Todd Hood said people were on a floating dock on a private pond when it overturned, tossing two children and an adult into the water.

One child made it out, but brothers Rudy Miller, 21, and Feldy Miller, 12, were missing.

"It was a country pond, probably a quarter mile off the road, so we had to get our equipment back there," said Sheriff Todd Hood. "We had to get a dive team back there."

Ultimately, the Madison County Sheriff said responders did everything they could, but it was too late.

"The world lost two very happy cheery people that were always willing to help," said Matthew Allen, a firefighter who was home at the time of the drownings.

Spectrum News was told the people involved were Amish, so they needed some help of their own.

"They do things to get along," said Hood. "They had people call the authorities to get the investigation going for help. They just handle things differently."

Allen said the victims were the best neighbors. He said the child was usually busy playing, and the man was a hard worker who offered to help his neighbors before they even asked.

The child who was saved from the water was treated at the hospital.