"He was very a smart kid, he had a bright future ahead of him," said Mary Catherine Stassi, the cousin of 12-year-old James Springer III, who was killed Wednesday after being shot in the stomach.

"He loved outdoors, liked to ride his bike and sketch in his pad. And his siblings, they were his whole world.”

His family says even though he was so young, the memories will last forever, like the time he got a watch for his 10th birthday.

"He was so excited about it, he couldn't charge it first, he had to put it right on," Stassi said. "It was just that whole euphoria of having something that amazing, he thought it was better than sliced bread.”

Springer's cousin says the support they've received from the community has been amazing. Between meals from strangers and photos from friends, they say the outpouring of love has made their family feel bigger. 

"Our family is growing," said Stassi. "I can’t tell you, between the vigil and every day since then, I've probably told 300 people, ‘Welcome to my family.’" 

The funeral service for James will be Tuesday at St. Matthews Church.