Marchers gathered all over the country for this year's Women's March on Saturday, and Syracuse was no exception.

People of all ages, genders, and abilities gathered with signs calling for equality and justice for women. From reproductive rights to racial equity, marchers braved the cold and snow to call for action.

This year's local theme was "Peace Making." Marchers say they're fighting for peace locally and on a global scale. 

"Peace is not only nationally and for war, it's also how to establish peace in the city and how to make every place in this city peaceful as well," said Nada Odeh, lead organizer of the women's march. 

They tell us that starts locally in the Syracuse community.

"Especially in Syracuse, where we have a lot of segregation, I think it's important to fight for all women's rights and intersectionality and stuff like that," said Sophie Clinton, a local high school student. 

Participants tell us they're marching for the next generation, saying they'll continue to march until everyone receives equal justice.

"With the Women's March, we're able to gather and continue to send that message loud and clear that women's rights are human rights and human rights are women's rights. And we'll continue to send that message loud and clear," said Alex Dukat, public affairs organizer of Planned Parenthood.