Marisa Jacques is a proud Troy native and Union College graduate. Since Spectrum News Capital Region’s first air-date in 2002, Marisa has been telling stories and covering sports in the community in which she grew up. Beginning her career as an associate producer, Marisa’s hard work and passion for her job has led her to her current position as Senior Executive Producer/Anchor.

When it comes to her most meaningful story, Marisa explains that she could never pick just one. For her, every story she covers is important, as it is a part of someone else’s life that she gets to share with the world. There is nothing as humbling, intimidating, overwhelming, and exciting in the business as someone willing to share their story with you and allowing you to tell it.

When Marisa isn’t at the news desk, you can find her spending her time with her loved ones and getting out in the community to meet and connect with her neighbors.

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