The limousine involved in last fall's deadly crash in Schoharie has been moved into a storage structure at New York State Police headquarters in Latham.

As part of an agreement made last Tuesday, the NTSB, New York State Police, Schoharie County district attorney's office, and defense attorney Lee Kindlon all agreed the limo would be moved into a new structure in order to help preserve evidence. But the NTSB was clear that its investigators needed to complete its inspection protocol before it was moved, saying if they didn’t, their safety investigation would be in jeopardy.

On Thursday, a Schoharie County judge signed off on a warrant for the state police to remove and inspect the limo’s torque converter and transmission. State police say the limo was then moved into a storage structure provided by the NTSB on Friday.  

All of this seems to signal that the NTSB investigators have been actively conducting their investigation, which the agency previously said it was prevented from doing.  

The NTSB usually releases pieces of its findings while conducting investigations. But it’s unclear when information will be made available, as the Schoharie DA was concerned that would jeopardize its criminal investigation.

Wednesday marks four months since the crash that killed 20 people at the intersection of Routes 30 and 30-A.