The Schoharie County District Attorney's Office and the National Transportation Safety Board reached an agreement in court today regarding access to the limousine involved in the deadly Schoharie crash in October.

The NTSB will conduct a visual examination of the limousine today. The judge will then execute a search warrant for the limo's transmission and torque converter. The NTSB can then do its inspection protocol.

Four months after the crash that killed 20 people, the NTSB has yet to complete its investigation. This is due in part to their lack of access to the limo.

At the end of last month, documents show the district attorney submitted a supplemental search warrant to remove the transmission and torque converter. They say it's needed as part of the criminal case against Prestige Limousine operator Nauman Hussain.

Defense attorney for Hussain, Lee Kindlon, says he's happy with the day's outcome and how investigators have been handling the case.

“Today’s agreement from today’s conference made me more confident that the evidence is in good hands. the state police and their counsel and the investigators here, have been very very conscientious about preserving evidence and make sure that things are taken care of.”

The NTSB has expressed concerns that evidence could be destroyed before they get a chance to examine it, so they asked the court to intervene.

The district attorney disputes the lack of access, saying the NTSB has been working with state police. She says the criminal case against Hussain takes precedence over the safety investigation.