Amanda Rivenburg was just 29 years old.

In 2011, she accepted a job at Living Resources in Albany, and would work there for the next eight years. 

On Tuesday, Spectrum News was invited inside Amanda's office at Living Resources, which provides services to people living with disabilities.

There's a heart in its logo where the "V" in living would be.

Rivenburg's supervisor, Frank Prevratil, says Amanda was that heart.

Over 900 people work at Living Resources, and Prevratil says seemingly every one of those employees knew who Amanda was.

He says Friday was his final interaction with Rivenburg.

“I put some stuff on her desk, never knowing that was it, that was going to be the last time, not only as your assistant director but really work day-in and day-out with people, they become your best friend, she was my best friend here," said Prevratil.

The CEO of Living Resources, Fred Erlich, says his organization will likely have a memorial for Amanda sometime next week. 

Amanda Halse, 26, was one of the people killed in that crash, along with her boyfriend Patrick Cushing.

For the last three years, Halse worked as the head bartender and sever at The Restaurant at the Pointe in Watervliet.

Her boss, Steven Campbell, described her as a free spirit who they lovingly referred to as “Mandy.”

“Mandy was like a ray of sunshine, she really was. Just bright, free-spirited, who just loved life and wanted to live life. Be with friends, be with family. I know she was very close with her siblings,” said Campbell.

Campbell says Halse split her time between the restaurant and a floral shop. He says her passion was gardening, and that she was also a wonderful artist. 

"Shock. Disbelief. Somebody who is 26. Just starting out. I had the pleasure of meeting Patrick a couple times. They were just always out and living life and doing things and they were just getting started,” he said.

Restaurant staff say they are hoping to arrange a fundraiser for her family in the future, though nothing has been finalized.

Camille Delongis contributed to this article.