Several Saratoga County women who believe they were victims of a ring known as the "Felony Lane Gang" are coming forward and sharing their stories as a warning to others.

One woman says her car window was smashed while visiting the Halfmoon Town Park earlier this summer.

That is part of what’s prompting a renewed warning from Sheriff Michael Zurlo to take valuables out of your car. When criminals are willing to commit crimes this brazen, he says locking the door is the least of what you can do.

Zurlo's office has received more than 30 reports of thefts in the last month believed to be tied to the Felony Lane Gang, which originated in Florida, he says, but has been active in the Capital Region lately.

Victims are typically women with children, who are going into places like gyms or dropping kids off at daycare. Another woman says that’s what happened to her this week.

Sheriff Zurlo says there’s no question in either of these cases who is responsible. He notes his office has developed several leads, and they’re confident that eventually, arrests will be made in connection with this investigation. 

They’re also working with the FBI.