Troy City Council members are out today with a final proposal that could formalize policies for employees and conduct regarding immigration status.

The Democratic majority said it expects to pass the FACT — or Families And Communities Together Act — in a July 11 council vote.

Rather than declaring Troy a sanctuary city, the council members say the updated proposal focuses on protecting constitutional rights. It would codify city policy preventing city employees from asking about immigration status or helping ICE, unless when dealing with criminal matters. 

They say it would make the city safer, too. 

But City Council President and Republican Carmella Mantello has a different plan. She wants the voters to decide and for the sanctuary city debate to be put to the ballot in November.

"If they're so confident that the people of Troy want to designate Troy a sanctuary city or whatever they want to call it, if they're so confident, let the people of Troy decide, not four or five members," Mantello said.

Just last week, a spokesman for Mayor Patrick Madden told Spectrum News that Madden "remains opposed to a sanctuary designation."

The Democratic majority says it plans on voting on the resolution next Thursday.