It was a clash of ideals and ideas on Monday as the top three candidates for New York’s 21st Congressional District fought for voters.

“Since my first day in office I have worked tirelessly, on behalf of the hardworking families of the district,” said Republican incumbent Elise Stefanik.

“I represent the regular people, I am the people’s candidate, and I expect to be the first green member of the United States House of Representatives,” said Green Party candidate Dr. Lynn Kahn.

“I want you to know that I will be accountable to you and only you and I will bring our Northern New York Values to Washington,” said Democratic challenger Tedra Cobb.

Stefanik, Cobb, and Kahn debated a number of topics.

On guns and mass shootings:

“We need to continue to invest in mental health; we’ve increased mental health funding by $150 million, I was proud to support the bipartisan fix NICS legislation to strengthen our criminal background system,” said Stefanik.

“In St. Lawrence County, I live in St. Lawrence County, for a mental health counselor for children it takes weeks, for adults it takes weeks. So Elise Stefanik can talk about casting whatever legislation, but on the ground and in our communities, we have a shortage of mental health counselors,” said Cobb.

“We as a nation should be more respectful of people who disagree with us, talking about gun safety, talking about mental health issues, talking about ways to support our law enforcement are all part of the solution,” said Kahn.

On health care:

“It could be an expansion of Medicare, it could be an expansion of the ACA and Medicare, what Congress needs to do is hold hearings, what Congress needs to do is make sure that everybody is at the table,” said Cobb.

“Seeing where the waste is, I know how to go after it, there’s a trillion dollars of waste, at least in our federal government,” said Kahn.

“I don’t support government run health care, both of my opponents do, this is a fundamental difference. I’ve experienced Obamacare with prices increasing, with higher deductibles, we do not need to run towards government-run health care,” said Stefanik.

Three unique choices, with the home stretch to Election Day now underway.