Republican former Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos on Wednesday was sentenced to more than 4 years and 3 months in prison following his second conviction on charges that used his power to help get his son a job.

Skelos was first found guilty in 2016 on fraud and corruption charges related to the effort to help Adam secure jobs with politically connected firms. Adam Skelos will be sentenced later today.

Skelos had served as majority leader since 2010 and stepped down from the leadership post in 2015 after he was first charged.

He was convicted last year on similar charges and was sentenced to five years in prison. But both convictions for Skelos and his son were overturned when the Supreme Court narrowed the definition of public corruption, triggering a second trial. He was found guilty earlier this year, along with Adam.

Democratic former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, who had previously been found guilty of graft and bribery charges, also had his conviction overturned as a result of the Supreme Court decision. He was subsequently found guilty again and in July was sentenced to seven years in prison.

“Dean Skelos betrayed New Yorkers, and now he must be held accountable,” said Sen. Todd Kaminsky, the Democrat who won Skelos’s Senate seat following his initial corruption conviction.

“Corruption erodes the foundation of civil democratic society—and so, most importantly, today’s ruling will do some good in rebuilding the trust of the people. But we cannot continue to depend on federal courts and weakened federal laws to protect New Yorkers against corruption. Our current State laws — riddled with loopholes — protect bad actors, destroying taxpayers’ faith in government. Improvements must immediately be made to State law to strengthen our corruption laws and to empower local prosecutors to go after dirty politicians. Dean Skelos’s conviction is just the latest evidence that the time for reform in New York State was yesterday.”