Lawmakers wrapped up two days of public interviews on Wednesday, but it's not clear when they will select the next attorney general to replace the scandal-scarred Eric Schneiderman, who resigned last week.

"I don't think there's necessarily any feeling that it needs to be done at any given time," said Assembly Majority Leader Joe Morelle (D). "Obviously, people are taking it seriously and want to do the appropriate thing."

Looming before lawmakers: the state party convetions, scheduled next week. For now, no vote for the legislative appointment has been scheduled.

"There hasn't been yet, I can't speak for the leaders," said Sen. Pat Gallivan (R - Elma). "My preference would be to get this over before each party holds their convention at the end of next week."

It's been an unusual week in Albany, with Schneiderman resigning amid domestic violence charges and a range of potential candidates emerging to replace him.

"This is so rare that I think a little bit of it is, not making up the rules as you go along, but taking it one step at a time," said Gallivan.

The leading candidate for the appointment is acting Attorney General Barbara Underwood, who would serve for the rest of the year and not run for a full term.

"I think that Barbara Underwood certainly as the solicitor general, everyone talked about how she would be the best candidate, many of the candidates themselves, and that would be a good continuation through the end of the year," said Sen. Betty Little (R - Queensbury).

The interviews came amid a broader jockeying over who will run for the job outright this fall, with public advocate Tish James of New York City announcing her campaign on Wednesday.