ALBANY, N.Y. — State lawmakers are back in Albany Monday to kick off the start of the 2018 legislative session. They'll be working on many of the priorities Gov. Andrew Cuomo outlined in his state of the state address last week, including possible reforms to the criminal justice system. 

This year, Cuomo is tackling a range of proposed changes to the state's criminal justice system, including a plan to strengthen state oversight of locally run prisons and create a system for so-called cashless bail. Cuomo outlined the proposals in his State of the State address last week. 

"Race and wealth should not be factors in our justice system, it's that clear," Cuomo said. "We also need discovery reform and speedy trial reform. We need to move cases faster. We have people sitting in jails, waiting to be heard." 

These changes are by no means assured being approved. Senate Republicans have expressed some concerns about how these could be implemented, but the association that represents local prosecutors did not rule out supporting them.