Democratic state Sen. Brad Hoylman called Wednesday for an end to a "loophole" in vaccination requirements for performers and athletes who appear at venues in New York City.

At issue is a requirement that athletes and performers who appear at indoor venues in New York City be vaccinated. But the requirement only applies to residents of the city or those who are regularly employed at the establishment.

The mandate is coming up as comedians and athletes have appeared at New York City venues with either an unknown vaccination status or have publicly questioned the efficacy of vaccinations, which considered highly effective against seriously contracting COVID-19.

Hoylman pointed to NBA stars who have not been vaccinated, putting their appearances in New York City in doubt ahead of the coming basketball season.

"This loophole puts the health of New Yorkers at risk, so I’ve introduced the FAIR Vaccines Mandate Act to close it. Our message is simple: Get jabbed or get outta town," Hoylman said.

Hoylman has previously called for stronger vaccination requirements for school kids and allowing the shots to be administered by pharmacists.