The New York State Capitol in Albany is more than a century old, and while some lawmakers continue their push for clean energy across the state, climate activists who rallied Monday say they'd like officials to put money where their mouth is – where they do the public's business.

“Kathy Hochul can help us walk with vision,” Citizen Action Executive Director Rosemary Rivera said in the Capitol building.

The group is calling for the governor’s commitment on converting the State Capitol complex’s carbon-based energy sources to renewables.

“Primarily, we want to see the implementation of geothermal energy,” Albany County Legislator Mert Simpson said. “It’s really one of the most robust forms of energy that is available.”

Advocates believe not making the switch is hypocritical as state leaders tout clean energy to their constituents and others across the country more than ever before.

“They could ask a question. What about your Capitol? That must be renewable, isn’t it,” said Neil Breslin, a state senator from Albany County. “The answer would be, 'No, it’s not.'”

The state is facing multi-billion-dollar deficits over at least the next two years, so cost is among the hurdles supporters of this proposal must clear.

“They sound expensive in the beginning, and $50 million is a lot of money, even by New York standards,” Assemblywoman Pat Fahy said. “But in the end, renewable energy will save us.”

They say the Empire State has lost its chance at being the first to convert its capitol’s energy sources. Colorado and Oklahoma have made the switch, and Michigan is poised to do the same.

“I don’t know how bad things need to get before we do the right thing,” Simpson said. “But I do know that we can take a leadership step here at the Capitol.”

The conversion would benefit local areas too. The Sheridan Hollow neighborhood specifically, where there is a steam plant climate activists are fighting against.

“This is a win, win, win, win scenario,” Albany County Central Federation of Labor President Rev. Ibrahim Pedrinan said. “And those are quite rare.”