Hospitals throughout the region say they're now seeing more COVID-19 patients than they were in the spring.

What You Need To Know

  • Dr. Stephen Hanks, the chief clinical officer at St. Peter's Health Partners, says he expects the number of hospitalizations to increase

  • St. Peter's Health Partners broke its record of coronavirus hospitalizations on Monday

  • The bright spot is the overall mortality rate is lower than it was in the spring

St. Peter's Health Partners says it broke its record on Monday. Medical officials say this is a trend they expect to continue, as they know people traveled during the Thanksgiving holiday.

But there is some good news. On the whole, patients seem to be recovering at higher rates now than they were in the spring.

"We have a much smaller number of patients requiring ICU level care and a much smaller number requiring mechanical ventilation and a mortality rate, overall, lower in this fall/winter surge," says Dr. Steven Hanks, the chief clinical officer for St. Peter's Health Partners.

Hanks hopes the trend continues, as he anticipates the surge to bring more patients into the health care system's hospitals.

St. Peter's says staffing, at the moment, is okay. Hospitals nationwide are dealing with shortages as medical staff has gotten infected and/or needed to quarantine.