As the weather starts to get colder, you may be less likely to take your dog to a dog park, but now there's a place in Saratoga Springs where they can get some exercise indoors.

Chow Bella is a new 3,000 square foot fenced-in indoor dog park. 

Dogs of all sizes and breeds are welcome, once they pass a behavior assessment and are up to date on vaccinations. The full-service dog store offers nutrition products, grooming, pet training, and Saturday morning is puppy playtime.

"I think when I started the concept, it was a very social idea. I'm really excited about doing dog-specific meet-ups and different kinds of events. With COVID, we're going to slowly introduce ideas like that and figure out a way we can do it safely," said Chow Bella owner Mary Jo English.

Chow Bella is open seven days a week. It’s $10 a day or $55 dollars a month. The first 100 members get a special yearly rate. For more information, head to Chow Bella's website