Johanna Wasalinko has spent the past week monitoring Oregon's wild fires. Her son Matt James, known as "Bonsai" because of his love of the tree, moved from Saratoga Springs to Oregon in 2003.

What You Need To Know

  • Oregon has been dealing with major wildfires for the past several days

  • "Bonsai," who's originally from Saratoga, has been battling the flames with his neighbors

  • His mother has been watching the fires unfold from New York

"There’s people out there that need help, need love and prayers, lots of prayers," Wasalinko said.

Last Thursday, fire crept closer to Bonsai's doorstep. He mobilized with neighbors and they began to try to save the community.

"People [came] from all over the place, different neighborhoods; different towns. One guy was here from as far as an hour away," "Bonsai" said.

"Bonsai" says his group filled garbage cans with water. A few of his neighbors lost their homes to the flames, but he says his is largely untouched.

"It stopped at our doorstep basically and it burnt down this huge storage shed. It melted it. It was a metal shed, totally melted, but right next to that, the barn wasn’t touched,” "Bonsai" said. “It’s a miracle."

Meanwhile in New York, Wasalinko has been preparing a care package to send her son. It includes materials for him, as well as local firefighters, and his neighbors.

"I am proud of the way he has helped other people in the neighborhood and tried to make an awareness there," Wasalinko said.