More than a thousand people gathered in Glens Falls calling for justice and change.

Friday’s Black Lives Matter Rally focused on systemic reforms like more diversity within police forces, adding racism to school curriculums, and voting.

Local police agencies were also there, to promote trust within the community.

Speakers aimed to inspire with a call to action. 

"We need to hold police accountable, hold our community accountable, our elected leaders accountable, and we hope we're sending the right message right now," Rally Co-organizer Jabes Prado says.

"There’s always going to be bad police. There's going to be bad in government. There’s going to be bad judges. But the answer for that is we all must vote,"Mary Gooden, NAACP Glens Falls Chapter President, adds.

The march started at Glens Falls City Park, and ended at Crandall Park.