Restaurant owner Aneesa Waheed says people are connected by food.

"We celebrate with food. Food is part of our sadness. Food is part of happiness, all of it," said Waheed.

Waheed also knows food is essential for those on the front lines. That’s why she started to make meals on her own and donate them to the medical staff at Ellis Hospital. Customers quickly begged to get involved, too.

"People were literally coming in and dropping money at the bar and running out because they were like 'No, no. You cannot say no. You have to take this.' And I was like 'OK, this is so weird,' " said Waheed.

Customers can donate $10 for each meal they want to send. The food is sent weekly and distributed to different staff each time. While the food is made at Tara Kitchen, Waheed wants the attention to stay on the medical workers.

"I don’t even think that what we’re doing is nearly as difficult as what they’re doing. I don’t think I would have the guts to do that, right, to be on the front lines like that," said Waheed. "They were just so happy to have this, and it really just gives me a lot of strength to keep going."

You can donate by going to one of the Tara Kitchen locations or by visiting the restaurant's website.