Being stuck inside is hard, especially for kids, but it’s also a good time to relax and watch a movie, or even be visited by your favorite Disney princess.

People are getting more and more creative to celebrate birthdays and keep kids entertained. Tommie Burch works for an event company, but because of the pandemic, she has extra time on her hands.

"It’s really tough for the wedding industry, especially, and really, anyone who is in events," said Burch.

With all public parties on hold, Burch has decided to link kids with Elsa from the movie "Frozen" on Zoom.

"You keep hearing parents talking about how bummed their kids are [because] they can’t see their friends on their birthday or their families or people are going to forget about them," said Burch.

Each meeting lasts about 15 minutes and gives kids a way to visit a friend they know from the movies.

"It goes one of two ways. Either they are completely and utterly star-struck," said Burch, "or I get some reactions where they can’t stop. I’ve had a couple of video calls I’ve done where I’m literally about to tear up because of the reaction that these kids have."

Burch recently met with a boy whose mother was diagnosed with COVID-19 and just reunited with her family.

"She’s like 'not only today can I hug my kids again, but we’re having a family day and kicking it off with this,' " said Burch.

All the money she raises is being donated to local charities. So far, Burch has raised more than $200 for the Veterans and Community Housing Coalition.

This week, she’s set to donate more than $250 to Logan Strong, which helps families of children diagnosed with cancer. People can book their own visit with Elsa by contacting Burch on Facebook.