NORTH ADAMS - Storefronts on North Adams' Main Street are lined with artwork.

The display is a partnership between the City and Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts' Berkshire Cultural Resource Center. 

Center director Erica Wall said it's a great way to highlight local artists. 

Wall said, “Just taking a look at all of the opportunities we have within this city to show and display this art, and show the partnerships that are taking place. There’s all of these different art spaces, and how artists are being supported. This is one way that we’re doing it.”

The display shows off creations by several current MCLA students and alumni. The works aren't only pleasing to look at, they're also a way to learn more about the artists and their inspirations. 

"So when you take a walking tour of all of the images in the windows, there is actual text that tells you a little bit about the artist and the work," Wall said. 

The goal is to encourage the community to engage with local art every day. Wall said the public response has been great and shows there is a lot of potential for future projects. 

“I think this is a way to really engage the community and activate this street. And, also to show how this can continue throughout the community, not just on Main Street, what else we can do. I think this is a wonderful proof of concept and a way in which to share what’s going on in the city," Wall said. 

The art will be on display until the summer, and then they'll be taken down and replaced with a new exhibition in the same storefronts.