Gov. Andrew Cuomo reiterated on Tuesday his push for the federal government to act on curtailing the use of vaping products. The move follows the first death in New York of a 17-year-old resident in the Bronx believed to be linked to e-cigarette usage.

“The federal government should act,” Cuomo said at an unrelated press conference on Tuesday. “The President had talked about taking action. I don’t know how many people have to die before he takes action, but the State is already taking aggressive action. We moved to ban flavored e-vaping, et cetera. It’s now pending in the courts.”

Cuomo through executive action last month moved to ban flavored tobacco products used in e-cigarettes, a ban that was later expanded to include menthol.

But the vaping industry has challenged the ban in court, and a state judge last week moved to delay the ban from taking effect while the lawsuit is heard in court.

Cuomo on Tuesday compared the fight over vaping to the push against cigarette usage.

“We went all through that with cigarettes,” he said. “All those people had to die before we found the truth. And now the tobacco company goes into the vaping business and targets young people and markets to young people with a product that might actually be more dangerous than a cigarette. A cigarette didn’t kill you in year one. These vaping products – 1,000 cases.”