The Albany Airport firefighter whose journey went from tragedy to triumph is now using his story to help others. An online following is becoming a full-fledged non-profit.

Wednesday marks 6 months since Josh Woodward was admitted to the hospital. He was given a 5 percent chance to live, but he beat all the odds, and is now using his struggles to help other first responders.

Woodward's story captivated the Capital Region after he walked into the hospital with basic flu symptoms, and his condition quickly deteriorated, being diagnosed with sepsis. 

Well wishes quickly evolved into a support group named "Woodward Strong." That organization is now becoming a non-profit. It will help first responders hitting some hard times.

In May, Woodward was released from his long stay at St Peter's Hospital. He lost part of his arm and all 10 toes to the illness, and is now learning to use a new prosthetic arm. Josh and his wife Chelsea have posted on the Woodward Strong Facebook page that they are thrilled for this next step, and are thanking the community for their help.

They are taking donations, and will have information on fundraisers at