Rivers Casino has officially opened its new sportsbook and taken the first legal bet in New York.

The lounge has been months in the making, and the process to legalize sports gambling in the state has been an even longer endeavor. Now that it's finally here, visitors can try their luck and enjoy dozens of TVs, recliners, and a 50-foot screen for major events.

Mayor Gary McCarthy says this will be a great boost for Schenectady and will pave the way for the rest of New York state.

"It was a long road that gets us here. A lot of time and effort," said the mayor. "We’re pleased to set the standards for the rest of the state, and we're thankful for opportunity to see the additional growth and activity that’s going to happen in Schenectady as a result of this opening today."

The first bet made Tuesday was on the NFL's Seattle Seahawks.