It's an effort to save the environment but it's leaving home and business owners with a tough, and pretty costly, decision.

The EPA is phasing out ozone-depleting substances across the United States, and that includes R-22 — one of the common ingredients in Freon. It's found in many refrigerator and air conditioning units.

That means if an appliance breaks, it's going to get more expensive to replace parts because R-22 will become pricier the closer we get to 2020.

Experts say your best bet is to just replace your appliances altogether. It might be more expensive up front, but you'll have an upgraded system, and it's healthier for the planet.

"R-22 is ozone depleting. It displaces oxygen, so it's harmful. It's harmful to the environment. Similar to asbestos. Asbestos is a great product for brakes, it's got very good insulating qualities, but it's very bad for your health. Same with R-22."

The change begins next year.

"It's tough to hear. Especially when you're used to a common repair you've had in years past. With this being phased out, it's important to know your options. And with this being phased out, your best option is to upgrade," said Matt Clancy, Falso Service Experts general manager.

"As the supply decreases and the demand increases, the cost goes up. It's kind of like lobster, it's market pricing day-by-day. And R-22 will become more expensive as we get closer and closer to 2020," Clancy said. 

Mechanics, like Bob Myrto, have been through this before. About 25 years ago, the engine coolant for cars changed. Myrto, owner of Bob's Auto Air, says although the replacement may be more expensive, you'll be able to recharge your old car's air conditioner.

"The 134 is going to be around for a long time, unless something happens, that's just the way it is. They haven't changed it yet, they won't. Maybe it's down the road a little bit. We used to use the R12 — which was the original refrigerant for cars, and that was around forever." 

Recycled refrigerant will still be available, but experts say the supply is limited and using it could void a warranty.