Troy Mayor Patrick Madden's office says the offensive signs that have been seen around the city in recent weeks will be taken down if they're on city property.

One of the signs, a photo of which was widely shared on Facebook, says “You are hated. You have no rights. You are disrespected. You are white. Strike back.”

On the left side of the poster, it says, “Hundred Handers,” which is an online community that many consider to be a white supremacist group.

Another poster seen in downtown on River Street last month includes phrases such as "diversity means no white neighborhoods."

No new stickers could be found Monday, but some are still very concerned about the message behind them.

In a statement, Mayor Madden said that "Troy stands against discrimination in all its forms. Racism, bigotry and prejudice have no place in our community. Messages which seek to create divisions along racial, ethnic or religious lines will be rejected, and we encourage residents to report graffiti on public property to City Hall."

The man who took one of the first photos of the stickers says his neighbors have seen similar ones over the past few weeks. He believes the timing of these signs popping up comes around the time immigration policy became a central discussion point in Troy.

Those who have already found the stickers are warning that there can be a safety risk associated with them. Seen across the country, some of these stickers can have hidden dangers, like needles or razor blades attached to them. That has not been reported in Troy, however.