An organization in Schenectady, caring for sex trafficking survivors, is asking for help in getting a new car to support the women they serve.

This week, women cared for by “Eyes Wide Open” took it upon themselves to start a GoFundMe campaign to replace the organization’s aging vehicle.

Their effort speaks to the good work this group does to help survivors transition into self-advocates.

“Without a vehicle that will get them there, it would be devastating at this point,” said Debbie Fowler, founder of Eyes Wide Open.

“I wanted to just do one thing even if it was just a GoFundMe,” said Brittany, who started the campaign.

Spectrum News is not using Brittany's last name to protect her privacy.

Fowler says access to reliable transportation helps get the women to their appointments safely, as well as to events where they sell handmade crafts.  

“This program has made me love and live life again,” Brittany said. “It makes me feel good at the end of the day like I accomplished something,” Brittany said.

“She can figure things out, she can advocate for herself, and there is hope. There is hope to change. She wasn’t always like that or felt like that about herself, but she does now,” Fowler said.

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