Remember the excitement you felt as a child on your birthday? There were likely decorations, a cake, a song, and presents.

Some Capital Region children have never had that special feeling on their birthdays. A group named "100 Women Who Care" is out to change that.

A recent donation from the group went toward birthday parties for teenage girls who live away from home at Saint Anne's Institute in Albany, where they're finding help from deep family and personal trauma.

Peg Donovan helped to start 100 Women Who Care, the group that meets quarterly at a local church. They each bring $100, pool the money and select a different local charity each time.

"We're hoping that these young ladies will learn that people care about them; 100-plus women care about them," Donovan said. "And this is important for their development and self-esteem, and they know that they are loved.”

Co-founder Sandra Alinger says the group is about "a simple concept with a big impact." Each member writes a personal check; they know where their money goes, and it's all done in one hour.

"We started small; about 70 members," Alinger said, "and we were so happy to see them at the first meeting, and now we have grown into 175 members. Each quarter, we grow a little bit more."

The growth has definitely helped the donations grow: St. Anne's has $17,000 to give each girl a cake, decorations, and a gift card.