The Albany County Department of Health says two people have tested positive for legionella. 

The health department says both cases are linked to the Promenade assisted living facility on Western Avenue in Albany. Water samples from Promenade have tested positive for Legionella, the bacteria that causes Legionnaire's Disease.

One person has died, but officials say they are not sure if that was the cause.

Legionella is spread by inhaling small water droplets that contain the bacteria, and is not spread person-to-person. 

Both the county and state department of health are investigating. 

The living facility is in the former Best Western Hotel where several people contracted legionnaire's disease seven years ago.

The Chief Operating Officer for Promenade Senior Living Paul Belitsis issued a statement Thursday evening. 

"Recently, we were informed of two residents who were diagnosed with legionellosis. We are currently looking to identify the source of the bacteria, and are working with the Department of Health to ensure appropriate steps are taken," Belitsis said.

He went on to list the steps Promenade has taken to, in his words, "ensure our resident safety." 

  • Installing new shower filters on resident showers
  • Providing shower assistance to any resident requesting assistance or alternative bathing methods including sponge baths
  • Providing bottled water for use in resident rooms
  • Providing bottled water for drinking and for oral care (brushing teeth, mouth rinses)

"We want to assure you that we are taking this matter very seriously and are communicating openly with our residents and their families. The Promenade is committed to our residents’ safety and will continue to provide updates as we address this matter," Belitsis said.