A longtime forensic scientist is taking her unusual approach to stress relief, and turning it into a business.

Jacky Vimislik is well suited to talk about the science of stress management. The longtime forensic scientist is handling her latest experiment with extreme care. In a trailer outside her home is a makeshift laboratory. Inside, she is testing her theory on stress relief.

It is a method she’s turning into a business.

“If you are having a bad day you can literally book me online through my website, or email, and I can show up,” Vimislik said.

She will roll a rage-room to your home, fully stocked with things to smash. Prices range from $20-100 with customizable options.

“You don’t really know you have stress until you’re relieving the stress,” Vimislik said.

Vimislik hopes to also take on corporate and non-profit clients.

She volunteers with the Northeast Kidney Foundation. Her business will make its unofficial debut at their monthly support meeting Sunday. 

There are other similar businesses but Vimislik hopes her brand of controlled chaos is uniquely cathartic.