The former president of the Saratoga County Sheriff's Officer's Association has been arrested and accused of stealing more than $15,000 dollars from the union.

The Saratoga County Sheriff's Office says Corrections Officer Dezmond Slade used the union's credit card to get cash and pay for personal expenses.

He's also accused of withdrawing money from union bank accounts for personal use. Investigators say Slade tried to cover up the thefts by falsifying documents.

The Sheriff's Office says Slade has been suspended without pay. Officials say they're looking into other questionable transactions as well.

"Some of the union members saw there was a problem, came forward, wanted it looked [into], and we investigated it. To abuse that power [is] disheartening, [it is] something I don't tolerate here. Once these allegations were brought to us, we thoroughly investigated them, and he'll face the consequences," said Saratoga County Sheriff Mike Zurlo. 

The Sheriff's Association represents corrections officers, jail cooks, communications officers, and civil employees.